I Will Be Her Superman.

College kid. 16 years old. Studying BS Computer Science at the University of the Philippines.


Everything is moving forward.

Time has left me no space to stand still.

The disheartening transience of this effervescent attraction,

has left me in a state of unbearable ennui.

I must keep moving forward.

But is that the only choice?

For the smoldering fire that was once us,

We now lay an ashen mess.

Can’t we start over?

Make it through our lives anew?

Won’t there ever be,

Another chance for me and you?

Guys are way under-appreciated.

Guys are way under-appreciated.

Writing stories about imaginary people intertwined with your daily life.

Very amusing, difficult and stress relieving.

Sky Rain

From the sky, to the ground.

Rain is falling all around.

Far away you are from me

Forgetting all…

All that we used to be

From the happy smiles

To faded memories

From the joy and laughter,

We once shared

They are gone

Not here.

Not anywhere.


I wonder why you can’t treat me the same way you treat other people. It’s kind of disappointing, considering how much I like you. ~_~

Inspire me.


I saw new photos on my news feed. Surprising it was, for me to find that it was her photos. Seeing her pretty face again made me remember the times I spent wanting to make her feel loved. Her smile was all I ever needed. Now, with her feelings for me gone, I have nothing but memories. Memories of my aching, lonely heart.

No mountain nor sea, no thing of this world, could keep us apart. Because this is not my world; You are.

Simple things.

They drive us into happiness or grief.

Through strife and despair.

It is the simple things that keep life fair.


They cure boredom.